Under A New Light (FRAMED)

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Under A New Light by Kostas Papakostas

Kostas Papakostas paints feelings. Visceral. Raw. Energetic. The emotions ripple across the canvas, tempting you to dive in. Pairs best with some noir fiction, a glass of bourbon, and an oversized sofa that you can sink into as you contemplate your own troubled soul.

Kostas Papakostas' Artist Statement:

I paint in search of authenticity. I don’t plan my paintings in advance. I arrive at my studio and allow time and space for my awareness and my emotions to gently emerge. Then I get to work. I  position the surface on the floor, so that I can move around it freely and paint from all sides. This allows me an intimacy with  each piece. I like painting with black. In the shades of black I experience movement, texture and depth in their rawest, most honest form. My  process is visceral. I move continuously around the painting creating  layers with intuitive gestures until the painting breaks free from my  control and starts to develop its own destiny. I never go back to make changes. Each piece is a memory of an intuitive choreography that extends beyond me. I let the pieces breathe and find their place without an immediate judgement. They endlessly flow, trace, move and stir, setting in motion feelings and imagination. My work doesn't intent to offer resolutions or proclaim conclusions. Being in flux, sometimes in a place of an uncomfortable uncertainty, is where I find true value.

Size: 15 x 18 inches

Framing: Raised float with 2 inch black mat all around and black wood frame.

Original acrylic on yupo paper. Signed by the artist, 2021.