Marumitsu Barbarie Gray Round Plate (Set of 4)

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These plates are exquisite. Each piece reflects a quality rich in history and hand-made craftsmanship. Established in 1950, Marumitsu is based in Seto, Japan.  Each collection is designed with a French flair to Japanese tableware. Functionality is always the heart of the design, how each piece is used and how food is plated is always considered when they are designed. Seto is home to kilns with the longest production history in Japan along with local potters that bring a high-quality artisanal  touch to the collection.

The Barbarie is a flower-shaped plate with its fluted border resembling the petals of a flower. The plate comes in three different sizes and is offered by DenXYZ in two different colors. The grey/blue plates have a matte finish while the white plates have a lovely shine to the glaze. Please note that the special clay and glaze used will create unique color variations in each item.

  • Designer: Marumitsu
  • Origin: Seto, Japan
  • Materials: Glazed Earthenware
  • Care: Oven and Dishwasher safe
  • Large- 9.5" inch Diameter H 1"
  • Medium- 8" inch Diameter H 1"
  • Small- 4.25" Diameter H 1"