Large Cone Candle (Pair)

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When faced with the question "cup or cone?", the answer is always an emphatic "CONE". Waffle, sugar, sprinkle, churro - and now candle. 

The cone candle is our coolest and most popular candle. Honestly we are obsessed with these! They are all natural and dipped and colored by hand in Denmark. Available in a variety of awesome colors. Note that all the candles with the exception of champagne and nougat are finished in a matte finish. The nougat are lacquered for a slick and sexy glossy look, and the champagne are finished in a metallic finish that will make you swoon. Buy then all and mix and match. You can't go wrong.

Sold as as a pair and comes packaged in a gift box.

Material: 100% Paraffin Wax

Size: H 13.4 inches 

Sold as a pair in a gift box with ribbon and button.