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Hand Painted Blue/Purple/Green Vintage Turkey Dishes (Set of 4)

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Not your grandmother's Turkey dishes. Who doesn't love this fresh take on what might be considered an old fashioned design. 

Den XYZ presents English porcelain by Spode with our own customized take. We had these vintage/discontinued salad/dessert plates hand-painted with you in mind. Each set includes 4 dishes, each presented in a different colorway: blue/purple/lavender/green. Go ahead and get the conversation started at your holiday table with these playful plates. Please note that the hand embellishment will create unique variations in each item.

Material: Porcelain

Hand embellished

Dishwasher and Food safe

Dish Origin: England

Original Pattern: Celebration by Spode - Salad Plate

Dimensions: 7 7/8" Diameter