Why I Find That Framed Hermès Scarves Always Steal The Show

By: Sarah Lyon

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Hermès scarves for as long as I can remember. When I studied abroad in the UK and traveled around Europe during college, I began to notice scarves of all kinds and became hooked. They’re truly a fabulous accessory if you ask me: They’re less expensive than designer handbags but are still full of style, and they’ll fit you no matter whether you shrink or grow! 

A Brief History

In case you didn’t know, Hermès is an absolutely iconic brand. The company was founded in Paris in 1837, selling harnesses and saddles, but gradually evolved into the global, high-fashion brand that it is today. Hermès is now a highly sought after luxury brand that men and women alike absolutely adore. If you’ve ever heard people chattering away about the elusive Birkin bag, for example, you know just how much power Hermès continues to have in the fashion world, even nearly 200 years after its launch! 

So many fashionable ladies over the course of history have been seen wearing Hermès scarves—Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn are just a couple that come to mind. Officially known as the Carré scarf, these beauties first hit the market in 1937, 100 years after the Hermès brand emerged. If you haven’t come across the same design more than once, that’s no surprise, given that the brand has since released over 2,000 styles, many of which are exclusive to the season of their release. 

Pattern Play

Patterns vary greatly—one of my Hermès scarves simply features an oversized tiger, which I think makes such a chic statement. Many of the designs reflect Hermès’s equestrian origins, while the animal theme continues on other patterns, like this one, which features playful golden ducks! And while these scarves can be dressed up or down, you may be surprised to learn that in decades’ past, Hermès scarves were often worn during outdoor sporting events to help protect one’s hair and face from the elements. 

I will say that while I love how chic these scarves appear when styled with the perfect neutral outfit or tied around the handle of a tote bag, I’m even more obsessed with how amazing they look displayed as decor. As someone who is always on the hunt for innovative pieces of art to display in my home, I absolutely love the fact that Hermès scarves look just as gorgeous framed as they do when incorporated into an outfit. 

Why I Love Hanging Hermès Scarves in My Home 

One of the reasons that I think framed Hermès scarves are so fantastic as decor is that they simply steal the show by being displayed on their own. There’s no need for a gallery wall here—just one scarf will do all the talking. Plus, sometimes the area above a desk or dresser is just more conducive to one oversized piece of art, and that’s one reason that I appreciate Hermès scarves so much. 


If you weren’t aware, Hermès scarves are huge—the standard sized scarves are 36 by 36 inches, so they’re perfect for filling that empty wall space that’s driving you nuts! Another perk is that there are so many styles and patterns to choose from, whether you’re looking to incorporate bold hues into your space or are more inclined to decorate with neutrals. There’s truly a design for everyone! 

In the case of my own space, I love that the scarves have helped add some much needed pops of color to my apartment, which otherwise features mostly black, white, and wood tones. While I tend to primarily decorate with neutral furniture pieces, that certainly doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to color in my art! The bright, intricate patterns on Hermès scarves have helped to add some vibrance and visual interest to my home. While I may never be one for a red sofa (and that's ok!), I’m all about embracing bolder hues in scarf form. 

Go For Pre-Framed

Many people ask me about the process of framing a Hermès scarf, and truthfully, I’ve been fortunate to source all of mine pre-framed. Professional framing for a textile as large as this one can be quite expensive, and ensuring that a scarf is framed in a manner that is truly top notch can be difficult—I personally always worry about wrinkles!


By purchasing a scarf pre-framed, you’re saving yourself the step of taking your beloved scarf to a framer and wondering if the end result will blow you away or totally underwhelm you. (Trust me, I’ve had some not so great experiences when sending smaller silk textiles out for framing!). 

Feeling inspired to add a Hermès scarf to your own space? Browse our selection of vibrant, pre-framed pieces here and let us know which designs are your favorites! 

By Sarah Lyon: Sarah Lyon is a New York City-based freelance writer who contributes to a number of national design and lifestyle publications like Architectural Digest, Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine, the Wall Street Journal, and more. Sarah also works with designers to help them style spaces for photo shoots. Find more shelfies on her Instagram page, @sarahlyon9